Health Benefits Nation Agenda

Neil Goldfarb
Neil Goldfarb
President and Chief Executive Officer
Greater Philadelphia Business Coalition on Health

  • Learn about strategies employers have implemented this past year to keep employees healthy, productive, and engaged: What’s next?
  • Understand the importance of whole-person care to elevate well-being and create a healthy workforce
  • Discuss investments in digital apps and technology to deliver care at the right place and time
  • Gain insight into efforts to address health inequities and break barriers around accessing health care
  • Outlook on inclusive benefits design and catering to the needs of a diverse population


Nathan Gregory
Nathan Gregory, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Deputy Director of Human Resources, Human Resources Department
City of Fort Worth

Diana Han
Diana Han, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Vice President, Global Health


Nicole Stec
Nicole Stec
Associate Director of Well-Being
Banner Health

  • Discuss approaches to strengthen employer-provider partnerships
    • Choosing the right provider partner to meet employees’ health needs
    • How can provider be better allies to employers both short- and long-term?
  • Understand the role of employer-provider partnerships in integrating behavioral health care with primary care
  • Leverage value-based payment models to drive value and transparency


Andrea Cockrell
Andrea Cockrell
Administrative Services Manager
City of Plano

Stephen Parodi
Stephen Parodi, MD
Chairman of the Board, Council of Accountable Physician Practices (CAPP);
Executive Vice President, External Affairs, Communications, and Brand,
The Permanente Federation;
Associate Executive Director, The Permanente Medical Group


Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson
President and Chief Executive Officer
National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions (National Alliance)

10:05 AM ET

Networking Break

  • Understand the nuances of Reference-Based Pricing (RBP)
    • Discuss the benefits of implementing a RBP model
  • Gain insights including challenges and lessons-learned from adopting a RBP strategy to contain imaging costs and increase access to care
  • Learn how a direct contracting approach to medical imaging enhances patient satisfaction and maximizes savings
Cristin A. Dickerson
Cristin A. Dickerson, MD
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Green Imaging

  • Identify the market forces driving this transformation
  • Gain insight on three emerging models to control rising health care costs
    • Developing high-value Centers of Excellence networks
    • Creating direct-to-employer partnerships
    • Updating traditional payer-provider arrangements
  • Integrate behavioral health into new value-based models of care delivery and payment
  • Realize how these models can significantly bend the cost curve
  • Barry Arbuckle
    Barry Arbuckle, PhD
    President and CEO
    MemorialCare Health System

12:05 PM ET

Lunch Break

  • Gain insight into why musculoskeletal pain/dysfunction is the top cause of global disability
  • Identify strategies to prevent unnecessary surgeries that drive bottom lines
    • Think beyond alternative-based payment mechanism reforms
  • Discuss innovative approaches to reimagine the patient journey within the MSK realm
  • Understand the importance of focusing on both outcomes improvement and the overall patient experience to increase savings and elevate the overall health and well-being of individuals.
Ryan Grant
Ryan Grant, MD
Founder and CEO
Vori Health

  • Discuss how employers can efficiently manage the health and well-being of individuals with obesity issues and control costs associated with obesity
  • Gain strategies to modify benefit design to include pharmacologic coverage for anti-obesity medication and bariatric surgery
  • Offer programs that focus on lifestyle change and take a holistic approach to address obesity


Amy Hall
Amy Hall, PharmD
Medical Accounts Director, Field Medical Affairs
Novo Nordisk

Janine Kyrillos, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor, Director, Comprehensive Weight Management Program
Thomas Jefferson University


Neil Goldfarb
Neil Goldfarb
President and Chief Executive Officer
Greater Philadelphia Business Coalition on Health

  • Understand how employers can move toward high-value health care
    • What responsibility does the move to value entail?
    • What are the fiduciary obligations?
  • Gain insight into approaches to care transformation including
    • Direct contracting arrangements with high-quality providers that focus on improved outcomes
    • Developing COEs for specialty care
  • Take control of your benefit plan: Discuss innovative approaches to drive down costs and strengthen transparency without compromising on quality
Christon Deacon
Christon Deacon
Healthcare Leader and Public Sector Entrepreneur; Senior Vice President
4C Health Solutions

Jeffrey Hogan
Jeffrey Hogan
Upside Health Advisors

03:15 PM ET

Networking Break

  • Learn about a COE program in Indiana to deliver care locally
    • Collaborate with providers to treat conditions including orthopedics, cancer, cardiovascular, and diabetes
    • Address challenges and lessons-learned along the way
  • Discuss the rollout process including identifying high-performance providers, contract negotiation, and timely access to treatment
  • Determine effective strategies to engage employees in a COE program
    • Leverage clinics to direct individuals to specific providers
  • Assess cost-savings from employer-provider direct contracting initiatives
Gary Everling
Gary Everling
Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer
Hendricks Regional Health

Richard Sutton
Richard Sutton
Senior Vice President
Brown & Brown

  • Understand what a high-cost claimant is and why it is a critical issue for employers
  • Discuss effective ways to manage high-cost claims including prevention, case management, navigation support, supply chain engagement and contracting strategies
  • Learn about a low-cost employer-based solution that assists employees and their family members who are dealing with a challenging health issue navigate their health care journey
    • Gain insight into the importance of addressing the unique social risk factors and social needs of individuals with cancer, complex chronic conditions, and rare diseases to advance health equity
Fran Castellow
Fran Castellow, MSEd
Patient Advocate Foundation

Karen van Caulil
Karen van Caulil, PhD
President and Chief Executive Officer
Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value


Gaye Fortner
Gaye Fortner
President and Chief Executive Officer
HealthCare 21 Business Coalition

05:05 PM ET

Close of Day One